HigFattiger B14

Frame: alu alloy 6061
Fork: MOZO alu suspension fork
Motor: 48V500W hub motor
Battery: 48V12.5Ah lithium battery
Tire: 26''*4.0'' tire
Gear: Shimano 7-spd
Brake: Tektro mechanical disc brake

Disc brake

The high performance of the disc brake greatly improves the safety of braking in case of riding on mountain.Disc brake in a variety of complex conditions (rain, snow, mud road) still has a relatively good performance.

Suspension fork

The suspension fork is used to suppress the impact of the body when passing through the rough road surface, and improve the riding comfort

Shimano Derailleur

The road condition will be encountered with ramps,when climb a hill,you need overcome the gravity to climb up,through the gearshift,originally need to step on a circle of crant to go the road,become step on two circles.

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